No-Cost Diabetes Management Program

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Managing diabetes doesn’t have to be expensive. Gelson’s pharmacy has teamed up with ARKRAY, your Diabetes Health Ally, to provide quality diabetes management at no cost to you!

With this new partnership, you can get a new GLUCOCARD® Expression™️ blood glucose meter at no cost and a 50 or 100 count supply of diabetes test strips each month at no cost*.


GLUCOCARD® Expression™️

  • Talking Meter (English/Spanish)
  • Large Display Screen
  • Oversized Picture Icons
  • Downloadable

Stop paying too much for your diabetes test strips.

Stop by your local Gelson’s pharmacy and ask a pharmacy staff member how to get enrolled in the program. Don’t wait, stop in today and start saving!

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Looking for resources on diabetes management?

We’ve got you covered.

With our new program, you not only get quality diabetes care, but the tools and resources you need for overall health and wellness.

Diabetes Wellness Kit

As part of our new program, you can receive a diabetes wellness kit at no cost. Simply register your new meter and your kit will be mailed out to you.

  • Call 1-800-556-8558
  • Or

Diabetes Management Resources

In addition to the diabetes wellness kit, you can get all sorts of free wellness resources for living a healthy lifestyle.

*With the transfer and continued purchase of a patient’s prescriptions. Program includes (1) free blood glucose meter per year. (50) test strips per month for non-insulin dependent patients. (100) test strips per month for insulin dependent patients. To qualify, a patient must transfer their Rx scripts to Gelson’s pharmacy.